Virtual Worlds developers your roller coaster is departing…

Virtual World Developers, your roller coaster is on its slow upward climb getting ready to hurtle is way down steep declines, around tight impossible curves, flipping over upon itself to once again enter another breath taking decent and amongst all the screams of terror, joy, ecstasy the roller coaster continues unmercifully at speeds that can’t be imagined.. how long does the ride go for. Real roller coasters only minutes, but this roller coaster exists in a place called Second Life where you are only limited by your imagination & genius.. developers all over the real world had better engage their safety belts for the longest ride of their human lives…Linden Labs has pressed the start button – itsReal

MANHASSET, N.Y., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — CMP Technology today announced that it is the first global media company to be certified by Linden Labs as a full-service content developer in Second Life, the popular and fast- growing multi-user virtual reality environment. CMP can now offer a broad range of Second Life services as well as turnkey project management, including asset conceptualization, design, scripting and building; custom application development; multimedia engineering; virtual event production; proactive asset and audience management and comprehensive engagement metrics.


“The media-rich, 3D world of Second Life is part of an emerging metaverse of immersive social computing environments offering powerful new ways for buyers and sellers, learners and teachers, teams and workgroups to connect and collaborate,” said John Jainschigg, Director of Online Technology and New Business for CMP’s Software Group. “By 2011, Gartner expects that 80 percent of Internet users will be participants in some quadrant of the 3D metaverse and CMP’s goal is to lower the complexity barriers, cost and risk of metaverse engagement so businesses of any scale can play profitably with these powerful tools.”


CMP’s metaverse division will work with customers to create unique builds and events that promote deep engagement and nurture community. The division will integrate Second Life and the web to reach global markets while leveraging CMP’s trusted brands to acquire highly-qualified audiences and bring them inworld.


In addition, CMP Technology continues to expand its events in Second Life, following the successful April launch of Dr. Dobb’s Journal’s Life 2.0 Spring Summit, a “deep tech” event on metaverse development, which featured keynotes by Mitch Kapor and Philip Rosedale, and drew over 1,000 software architects from the Fortune 500 companies, universities and federal government.


The next Life 2.0 Event will be held September 15-21, 2007, with a focus on the “Opensource Grid” and once again the program will feature a full set of keynotes, tutorials, presentations and panels from the most innovative metaverse players. Currently, Dr. Dobb’s Island is hosting discussion groups held Tuesday and Friday of each week focusing on technology, trends and business topics.


About CMP Technology (


CMP Technology is a marketing solutions company serving the technology industry. Through its market-leading portfolio of trusted information brands, CMP has earned the confidence of more technology professionals than any other media company. As a result, CMP is the premier provider of access, insight and actionable programs designed to connect sellers and buyers in ways that yield superior return on investment. CMP Technology is a subsidiary of United Business Media (, a global provider of news distribution and specialist information services with a market capitalization of more than $3 billion.


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