Sad Days at Second Life or is it – itsReal

A bank maybe bankrupt, gambling restrictions need to be explained, enforcement of Linden Labs policies – it is starting to sound like life as we know it. The publicity machine is still operating with little effort from Linden Labs, the media hype is engaging minds worldwide… what really is Linden Labs bracing for us…

Anti-Gambling Policy Update: FAQ

Posted: 09 Aug 2007 10:29 PM CDT

Since we originally announced the anti-gambling policy, we have received more questions about what it covers and how we plan to enforce it. Following is the updated FAQ, which attempts to clarify our original explanation of the policy and enforcement. We’ve added:

– more explanation about what we mean by ‘wagering’

– elaboration on what we mean by skill contests, and whether or not sweepstakes are affected

– detail about “consideration”, i.e. making or receiving a payment or thing of value in association with playing a game

– additional explanation regarding enforcement: if we discover a game or activity that we believe violates the policy we will return it to your inventory and issue a warning. If you persist in offering the game, your account will be suspended and may be terminated.

As we said initially, we can’t post a list of acceptable or unacceptable games, as it’s impossible to create an accurate and comprehensive list. If you aren’t sure, ask yourself if your game meets the criteria in the policy: Linden dollars are paid in, the outcome is random, Linden dollars or something else of value is paid out. Ultimately you’ll need to decide if you’re comfortable that your game or activity is legal within the policy.


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2 responses to “Sad Days at Second Life or is it – itsReal

  1. DK

    So is this the death of Second Life?

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