Voice arrives in Second Life – BUT will residents use it – itsReal

Tonight I Logged into SL and the usual upgrade popup awaited me, however this time the download took far longer than usual, the reason Second Life VOICE has arrived. So after a very long download and install I logged in and was asked if i want to use voice chat or not. I choose voice chat and commenced another LONG exercise in attempting to get the facility working…eventually it did work but the VoIP is bad…really bad.. Yes I realize it’s early days, but for those accustomed to SL without VOICE they will either have patience and learn the ropes or continue life without voice…or maybe there is another solution ?

New Second Life VOICE Features:

* In-World Voice Chat
** In-world Voice Chat is now part of the main viewer.
** You can see and manage all voice settings in Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat.
** Voice is off by default.  To enable (and disable) voice, visit Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat and check/uncheck the box beside “Enable voice chat”.
** A voice set-up wizard appears during first voice use to help residents set up voice and adjust their mic volume and tuning.  You should run the voice set-up wizard even if you only want the ability to hear others and do not wish to speak.
** Push-to-Talk is part of the Voice feature.  Push-to-Talk is ON by default, which means Resident mics are OFF by default.
** Speech gestures for voice are included in the Library, in Gestures > Speech Gestures. These gestures need to be activated in order to work; they are off by default.


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5 responses to “Voice arrives in Second Life – BUT will residents use it – itsReal

  1. Simi Lar

    Hmmm I don’t know what you mean by the VOIP being “bad” I’ve had nothing but crystal clear audio come through my speakers. I also didn’t have any trouble getting it up and running (i.e. I chose yes to enable voice at the startup screen and started talking)


  2. Simi Lar

    As far as the download taking longer… it’s basically the same size as the other SL clients and it’s stored on the Amazon S3 Network so either they were having problems or your connection was bad.

  3. I tried it out myself, wasn’t impressed, and have been going without for quite some time. Personally, I like to hear what is going on around me in RL when I am in SL, and I also really like to listen to music within SL without chatter from people. Will I use it? Now and then, as needed.

    It’s an interesting option – but for me it’s a crappy default. And I already have Skype – never saw the need for voice in Second Life.

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