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There appears to be a LinkedIn and Facebook users WAR in the making – which platform should members spend their valuable time on, BOTH or pick ONE platform of choice. What about Second Life now that VOICE has arrived will SL get into the frontline of business networking by erasing the need to play table tennis email ?
I guess WAR is too strong a word but it got your attention.  Below are excepts from a LinkedIn group  called  Linkedinnovation  is subscribe to. The Second Life Voice idea of connecting with friends colleagues  is one I will  be following as the VOICE offering becomesmore stable within Second Life…as my previous post suggests…is there another way ?

Comments from LinkedIN group 

“I have always used LI for professional use and Facebook for personal.  Facebook is NOT ment for professional use, it is more akin to MySpace, (but  colleagues and college buddies can reconnect) than it is to LI.  Your buddy, who happens to be a CEO, is on facebook and probably uses it to connect with friends and get back in touch as he done with you.  Personally, I don’t think that this one example is proof positive that professionals are utilizing Facebook for LI (or the ladders or jigsaw) type connections (even if his friend the COO is there too).  

That being said, the more easily people can connect with you, the more apt they are to do so, but on there own terms.  Typically CEOs and COOs of large companies don’t accept or even read every single email that comes accross there desk.  I have worked with some of my colleagues for 7 years now and they are only now starting to connect through LI and facebook.  This includes COOs and EVPs that I personally know. 
I think it also may have to do with where they are in there career and how well the market is doing.  When your on cloud 9 you can afford to overlook potential opportunities to reconnect with ex-employees, but when you experience the volatility of the market, you are more apt to reconnect.
Just my opinion.”


“had trying to get an ex business collegue/friend on Linkedin quite
a few times. He never responded. After not seeing him for 2 years he
contacted me via Facebook to go for a beer!

I told him I was surprised he invited me to Facebook when I had asked
him several times to connect on Linkedin.

His response:

“Im not a big fan of LinkedIn… it is too pushy and it isnt a
convenient method sometimes”

He is COO at Visa APAC, and the Visa CEO Australia is on Facebook as
well. They have created their own Visa Group.

Thought this was very interesting response. This example is not the
only one. Whilst there is overlap – Facebook clearly wins on this
occassion – AND they are C-Level execs!”


“I’m going back and forth on the LI/Facebook issue and I keep coming back to the benefits of LI, the connections on LI and the quality of connection/profile on LI; including C-level.

Until someone gives me some substantial evidence of Facebook’s value as opposed to LI’s, I’m going to continue spending my my limited and valuable time on LI.”

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