Event : how to start your own animation company

Business leader and mentor John Bittleston on August 4th 2007 in Singapore gives guidelines on how to Start Your Own Animation Company

In this talk, Start Your Own Animation Company, John Bittleston discusses the practical aspects of setting up a business to provide animation products and services for profit.

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6 responses to “Event : how to start your own animation company

  1. Hey, what happened to the rest of the info? Was expecting something more about the talk …


  2. srinivas

    i dont have any website and i want to create the one can any one supports me with your help……………………..

  3. Hi srinivas,
    I am ready to help you.
    U can have a look at

  4. praveen

    hello john iam fresher.i want to own a animation company.is that possible to do..

  5. Pavan

    How to start a animation company in lowest investment like 3 lacs? plz tell me the tips and give me the options how do i do the animation business

  6. Johnson Ferguson

    I what to know how to establish I animation business online and how to establish the site

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