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Want your own sim? Would you like your own group of sims? How about your own grid? Well, you can have it!!

I was browsing the blogosphere, and I saw a brief mention about OpenSim, and it reminded me about last March and April when Linden Lab announced, after they open sourced the Second Life viewer, that they would be also making the server open. Remember how everyone thought it would be the end of SL, or how there would be all sorts of rogue and dangerous versions of the viewer? Well, there are different versions of the viewer, but they aren’t very dangerous — there’s the “regular” viewer that you download directly from Linden Lab at secondlife.com, there’s the First Look viewer, and at one point there was the Wind Light viewer that had uber-cool environment effects.

See, good things come out of Open Source projects!

Enter OpenSim, part of the OpenMetaverse project, born out of the same ideas of libsecondlife. OpenSim is basically your own User Server, Grid Server, Asset Server, and Region Server. You compile the sources (or download the nightly precompiled binaries), configure it to work together, and BLAM-O! You have your own SL grid. Now, it isn’t for the faint of heart because right now it gets pretty technical, and you have to be able to follow the documentation on the OpenSim wiki in order to get past the first few steps. Basically, if you can download and/or compile things and answer simple questions with a basic understanding of how computer networks operate, you can have a grid/sim running in no time.

You can operate the OpenSim in “sandbox mode”, which is the region running standalone only YOU can connect to when you run the SL viewer on the same computer. You can also run OpenSim in “grid mode”, which lets you run all the resources it takes to spawn your own grid — user server, grid server, asset server, etc. — and this lets you operate a single region, or a group of regions all connected together.

None of this will enable you to connect to the real live Linden Lab Second Life grid that we’re all accustomed to, so none of the people you normally see will be there. You can, though, connect your region sim to a public grid of OpenSim operators thanks to a grass-roots effort named DeepGrid. (be sure to check out the Regions tab, and click


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