Brave NEW World – Interview with Philip Rosedale CEO Second Life – itsReal

Brave New World

In a few short years, Second Life has grown from an experiment to the world’s largest virtual universe. Inside the mind of its founder.


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One response to “Brave NEW World – Interview with Philip Rosedale CEO Second Life – itsReal

  1. The noise and actions that lead to convergence is heating up fast. Just consider the last thirty days of announcements: Google, Facebook, Linkedin, MSN, IBM and others ( I can hardly keep up anymore). Soon it won’t matter which existing network “you” think is better rather value will be created by how you manage “your network“. As more and more closed systems open, it begins to interact more directly with other existing systems, and therefore acquires all the value of those systems.

    Soon we will all be overwhelmed with an abundance of value proposition in which you’ll need to decide how and what to use in “your” network to meet your personal and professional aims. You will soon become your own aggregator of networks, of relationships, of information, of knowledge and last but not least…of VALUE.

    Technology provides the means, relationships provide the value.

    The Relationship Economy is now, not when, being built by individuals who learn how to maximize the value of relationships by optimizing technology. We’ll need to forget what we’ve been using and think “how” to adapt to the convergence of means which enables us to maximize value. We need to ReThink our methods and ReShape the means so we can individually and collectively capture the most value.

    Here are seven things to consider and help you start thinking and planning for “your” network:.

    1) Which networks do you want fed to your network? Which has your interest, value, the best collection of individuals and the content which match who you are? etc. etc.

    2) Which networks represent your interest geographically, by industry and by topic? Which blogs represent the same categories of interest? etc. etc.

    3) What will be the rules of your network? Standards for connections? RSS feeds in and out? etc. etc.

    4) What image and brand do you want your network to project? Think hard and long on this one. Lots to consider as you build your value proposition to the global market.

    5) What mediums do you want in your network? Video, audio, pictures, etc. What Network Channels will be available that interest you most both personally and professionally?

    6) What do you specifically want to accomplish with your network? Start with this end in mind and build towards it. Again, lots to think about.

    7) Your network is an economic factory. How do you produce quality and quantity effectively?

    The list can go on and on but this is a start for you to begin to Rethink your vision, mission strategy and tools for your network. Soon we’ll have a personal planning guide, materials, technology and access to experts who can help you plan your “Link to Your World“.

    Are you ready? What is your plan? How will you adapt? How will you “Link to Your World?”

    When is Now: Shift Happens, What say you?

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