Time to BLINK 12 months worth…

eEye Digital Security Launches Free Trial Download of Blink Personal Edition for Asia-Pacific

eEye Digital Security, a leading developer of unified client security and vulnerability management tools, today announced that its award winning Blink® Personal Edition will be available for download.
Consumers in the Asia-Pacific region can now download a 365-Day free trial version of Blink Personal Edition to experience the power of eEye’s anti-vulnerability solution.

“Previously, the free-trial download had been available only in North America. With the strong growth seen in the Asia-Pacific region and surging demand from consumers, we have provisioned a new trial version that would allow consumers in this region to try it at no cost,” said Kamal Arafeh, CEO, eEye Digital Security. “Blink Personal Internet Security includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal firewall and host vulnerability assessment all in one product.”

Since the introduction of the free download in North America in March 2007, Blink Personal Internet Security has emerged as the most popular product download in the company’s history.

eEye provides unified client security and vulnerability management tools designed from the ground up for superior protection and performance in safeguarding individuals’ and companies’ critical systems and confidential information.

Blink Personal is the first Internet security solution to build multiple protection layers into a small, single agent that transcends the typical ‘bloatware’ of today’s client security. It protects users’ systems and personal information with:

– Intrusion prevention and system protection from remote attacks
– Virus and spyware protection , including protection from unknown ‘zero-day’ attacks
– Spyware and adware detection and removal
– Anti-Phishing and Identity-theft attempt prevention
– System and Application firewalls to control remote access to your system

“Blink Personal is the first Internet security solution to expose system and application flaws that usually go under the radar,” said Sean Martin, CISSP®, eEye Director of Marketing. “With its small footprint, Blink Personal includes all the protection a consumer will ever need while allowing for new features to be added incrementally without additional cost.”

Available as a 365-Day subscription for personal or home office use in Asia Pacific, Blink Personal can be downloaded by visiting http://www.eeye.com/blinkfree

Note: The 365-Day Blink Personal Download is available on a time-limited basis and will be open to the Asia-Pacific region only until 31st August 2007. Thereafter, from 1st September 2007, only the 30-Day Trial version would be available.


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