Sex Beds in Second Life.. Lie down and get….itsReal

Immersed in Second Life…

Seems APLINK’s imagination went into overdrive…

Inside a miniature Second Life pod.

Image: Inside a miniature Second Life pod….

The Second Life pod, from the outside.….Image: The Second Life pod, from the outside….

Here is me thinking that once inside the POD all sorts of virtual things might happen, haha … but just imagine the sex bed that is making so much noise in the media right now, if it were to become a REAL PRODUCT… after all isn’t that what some companies are using virtual worlds for – to test products for real world use. hmm.. however for the real story read on… courtesy of sfGate

It felt like playtime inside Obscura Digital’s warehouse Thursday night.

The San Francisco company opened up its office to show off its technology, from videos projected inside a dome to a pod that lets users sit inside and immerse themselves into Second Life, the 3D virtual world.

A project with Phreak Interactive, a Second Life partner, the two teamed up to put Second Life inside what looks like half the shell of a large, human-sized egg. The 3D world is projected inside its walls, letting users feel like they’re inside the 3D world.

“Traditional media is square, flat and 2D,” said Patrick Connolly, CEO of Obscura. “People should be immersed into it the virtual world. (They) can step into it instead of watching it.”

Obscura’s customers include Oracle Corp. and AOL, which use it for tech shows and conferences. It also demonstrated life-sized holograms, a touch-screen wall and a laser that lets people draw on the face of a building.

We took a short clip of the experience. It’s dark, but at the end we pan out to show a demonstrator on the keyboard, who’s moving around Second Life.


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