Think Before you Post – itsReal

Yesterday I attended 1st Birthday Party, it was awesum to see such a young and enthusiastic crowd, however we all know bloggers can be shy.. me included at times haha… yesterdays bloggers covered, photo sites, gossip, social issues, young entrepreneurs, business, political and even cakes

Here in Singapore we are fairly sheltered from the BIG bad world of the Internet to a large degree, surprisingly however like anything in this world we need to be mindful of our environment. Yesterday before heading to the awards i was watching STC on cable and happened to see the below video which I thought I would bring to y’all attention. From being political to being enticing, remember to Think Before You Post.

Congrats to all yesterday’s winners – Cheers APLINK


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2 responses to “Think Before you Post – itsReal

  1. It is really nice to meet you Andrew!

  2. Andrew,
    Your advice came too late. hahaha….

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