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Live Earth is Heating Up in Second Life
By CMA on behalf of Dave Haber
Two Second Life organizations have joined forces with a real world website to spread the Live Earth campaign to the meta-verse. Here’s what the organizers are saying the Live earth in Second Life will feature:

Second Life – The 3D virtual world – Should it go mobile

Handheld Learning – London,UK
Second Life is an exciting new venue for collaboration, training, distance learning, new media studies and marketing. Hold a virtual meeting with your sales

Blackboard Video Mocks Second Life
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) – USA
has posted to YouTube a video that parodies the awkward ways in which avatars — digital characters — move around and communicate in Second Life.

A Second Life first: avatar sues avatar
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
Alderman, who has made money before in Second Life by selling a virtual island for $50000 (real money), says his avatar, Stroker Serpentine, was doing quite

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