XING & ZoomInfo Partnership – Millions of Contacts on offer to Members

OPEN Business Club AG (ISIN: DE000XNG8888), operator of the international networking platform XING (, today announced a comprehensive partnership with Zoom Information Inc. (, a business information search engine that indexes the Business Web to quickly find information about industries, companies and people. The partnership will provide XING’s 2 million-plus members with immediate access to profiles on nearly 36 million business people and 3.8 million companies directly on the XING platform. Under the terms of the partnership, all XING members will have access to ZoomInfo profiles and XING premium members will have the ability to contact over 18 million professionals directly and securely. XING members will also be able to manage their own online ‘brand reputation’ by monitoring their own web references to ensure accuracy and consistency. ZoomInfo’s 4.5 million unique monthly visitors will also be able to join XING’s business network directly with a simple two-click process. Importantly, in line with XING’s strict member confidentiality policy, all contact information of XING users will continue to be protected within XING.

“This is the first time that business networking and business search have been brought together. This partnership makes XING the business networking platform with access to the largest number of profiles of business professionals and companies in the world. Nearly 36 million people are now available to XING members, making XING a must-have business tool,” said Lars Hinrichs, Founder and CEO of XING.

“The potential for users of ZoomInfo to build business relationships through XING and be a part of such an active international community will inevitably open up many more new business opportunities for them. Making valuable connections is critical to business success, and ZoomInfo is thrilled to now provide our users with integrated access to XING’s dynamic business network,” said Jonathan Stern, CEO of ZoomInfo.

This partnership is the largest corporate development relationship following XING’s IPO in December 2006 and is XING’s first major commercial partnership in the US. The two-click XING registration process on the ZoomInfo site is expected to cause American XING member numbers to soar, and also to create added value for other XING members the world over. XING has stated its intention to enter the US market via both partnerships and acquisitions. In terms of member activity, revenues and connections, XING is already market leader in Europe and Asia, and offers the most comprehensive international platform for business networking. The first half of 2007 was an active one for the company: in March 2007 XING acquired eConozco, a leading Spanish contact networks for professionals while in May, XING launched the first automated international marketplace for jobs. The integration between XING’s platform and ZoomInfo’s search engine will go live in Fall 2007.

“This is just the beginning of XING’s activities in the US. Business is becoming increasingly globalized these days, and XING offers US businesses unparalleled access to contacts in the major international markets. XING is the world’s most active business community, and we constantly strive to deliver real business benefits for the world’s professionals, across all countries, languages, cultures and industries,” added Lars Hinrichs.

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