iPhone Mania & Microsoft Sour Grapes? – itsReal

At the Microsoft Premix 2007 event at Geek Terminal on Thursday night it was encouraging to see the new developments coming our way with Silverlight. I just downloaded the package and my brand new MacBook can not install it o well…quite funny because the reason is I need Mac OS X 10.4.8 or higher hmmm I have Mac OS X 10.4.10…never mind…what was more disappointing however was the bashing of APPLE iPhone on the night. Tuning into CNN Dial “P” for Phenzy news report and seeing the crowds lining up to purchase the iPhone for USD600 this morning however makes me believe it is just sour grapes from Microsoft that they have not got an iPhone of their own.

Please bring the iPhone to ASIA quickly. I wonder if someone has created a “Virtual iPhone” for Second Life or there.com


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One response to “iPhone Mania & Microsoft Sour Grapes? – itsReal

  1. DK

    There is 2 side of the coin actually. iPhone can switch to support wmv or silverlight can use another video format that iPhone can support.

    But then, does it really matter that much? I don’t think so. Next question please. 🙂

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