Virtual Hiring a PR disaster – itsReal

Disappointment is all I can say, I recently wrote a post, see here, that basically was a promo for the in-world virtual career fair,

I registered and although i am not looking for employment I tested the TMP system to arrange an interview with one of the BIG names, I had difficulty in completing the registration and only one company was available for an interview slot. A facilities management company which I personally have no history of being able to contribute to their growth. I had no way of making a comment that I was interested in tech companies, Hmmm so maybe someone at TMP realised this and that is why i did not get a reminder my interview time was coming up. (i did receive an auto message that my interview time had been confirmed) ..hmmm on top of this even though TMP have my email address I have rec’d NOTHING since, either news of how successful the in-world event was or plans for any future events. Where is TMP’s Public Relations strategy, I can assume that Microsoft, eBay & Verizon dished out some considerable funding for the event, where are their returns, did they snare the elusive star employee that no other format currently available thru HR can deliver ? I am confident the virtual hiring has its place. The ability to reach out on a GLOBAL basis for talent in an awesum 3D environment which Second Life offers does warrant further investment and can be an elusive application for virtual worlds that major corporates are seeking.

I think should another HR recruiting firm undertake such a career fair they should consider their PR strategy pre/during and post event more throughly. Given this the virtual event would be more wildly successful and a global community of job seekers and employers would benefit from the communications that would ensue.

Below is a post from another blogger who like me is on the fence of the relevance and success of the recent career fair. Unlike the author below I have seen many career shows which are widely attended year after year so I think just by the sheer numbers REAL world fairs work, however they only reach people within a defined market or geographic space. Second Life surpasses these barriers – itsReal

Avatar_logo_colour an article at (membership required) covered a virtual job fair at second life. some of the companies at this job fair included ebay, verizon, and microsoft. initially, i’d been ignoring most of this talk of “the future of recruiting”. when people start talking about the latest and greatest thing that technology is going to do for us and how it will revolutionize how we do our work, i’ve gotten to the point where i tend to be a bit skeptical. but i realized that my views on this have nothing to do with whether the job fair is online or not. here’s why:

honestly? job fairs have never been a big hit for us in the real world. so why participate in a virtual one?

i’m not against using technology in recruiting. i can absolutely see us beginning to find it necessary to use texting as a communication tool. we use online recruiting tools. and, as i have a blog, i can see how blogs can be used in recruiting as well. so i’m not against using technology for hiring. but i do try to keep up on what works other places too, so i kept wondering how this virtual job fair thing would work and would all that effort be worth it and why would anyone do it.

one company said that they found a couple of good candidates that they intend to take to the next level in their hiring process. and that’s exactly my problem. it’s the same problem i have with job fairs in the real world. how much time and money has just been spent to find two people? and are those two people candidates that could have been found elsewhere for less time, less money, and less effort?

i’m not completely against the idea, and i can see where a technology or gaming company might want to be represented in a virtual job fair as a marketing component — wanting to have a presence that says, “we get it” when looking to attract younger, tech-savvy talent.

but it turns out that my opinion of all this doesn’t have anything to do with whether the job fair is online or not. it’s my view of job fairs. period. the same is true of getting a job through networking or placing ads. my success with a strategy seems to have less to do with whether the thing happens online or not.

i’m not confident that this is the next big thing in recruiting. it just might be the next big thing in job fairs.

all the best!


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One response to “Virtual Hiring a PR disaster – itsReal

  1. Hi.

    To illustrate what is said in your post, let me introduce you to the efairjob.(first event is on march 17th). (everywhere across Canada).

    the link is:

    the efairjob has the advantage of offering an entire 3d environment (like second life), with all the functionalies of a virtual job fair (chat, webcam, etc). Dozens of companies have joined the event and hundreds of jobs are gonna be offered.

    If you have ever experienced a virtual jobfair, what are your coments concerning this one?

    do you think that a virtual jobfair can replace the physical one?

    thank you.

    Yann Levy
    eMarketing Strategist

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