Vibrant SL Dialogue U decide…APLINK still believes in SL – itsReal

A pro & con conversation of Second Life’s ultimate future… This conversation proves that Second Life has rocked our perception of what IS the Internet and what the Internet IS becoming. I predict that what most see as an adventure into a reality whereby most people can not attain things they desire in the so called “real world” is purely folly, and that the reality of unimaginable commercial applications for virtual worlds is just around the corner – enJoy

Using Second Life for Architectural Collaboration…wishful thinking perhaps. 


Aplink has a new blog which is going to focus more on Second Life and Virtual Worlds, please do subscribe to I will be maintaining this current wordpress blog for more varied real & some virtual marketing and public relations topics.

Also within Second Life I have created a Group, surprisingly called APLINK, please do join my group as I will be announcing some initiatives & events in-world that you may be interested to know about before the masses do. – itsReal

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