APLINK starts Group in Second Life – itsReal

To join the group: once in Second Life hit the search button then the Groups button, enter APLINK and then JOIN.

Joining the group is free and I intend to build a community where we can share SL experiences, ideas & opportunities. I have just established some unique relationships with some primary developers and content providers within SL. APLINK will be privy to a vast amount of in-world and real world activities that will continue to drive the growth of Second Life.

For myself I have several projects being launched in Second Life, as these can be made public I will report on the opportunities that these open up to primarily SL residents in Singapore and Asia Pacific in general.

If you would like to know more than the ordinary person about Second Life…Join APLINK in-world.


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2 responses to “APLINK starts Group in Second Life – itsReal

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  2. James Rotheram

    Hi Andrew
    See you at the event on Friday to discuss participation of Asia Uncut

    if you need to contact me best on +65 82686925

    would be great if we could secure Paul’s and Chris’s participation in the programme – sould be a great angle to the next episde


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