clappingtrees doesn’t want any more links…

…well not fake links anyway…the post Stop linking to Me has to be the most humorous post i have read in awhile. From what i understand clappingtrees deliberately added a plugin to the blog to generate links…hmmm but now clappingtrees is getting unwanted links…hmm

….how can clappingtrees determine that all these links are of no use in times to come as her blog grows….hmmm… in popularity…hmmm…will posts like Stop Linking to Me really have an effect or would the blog be better not to use technology that delivers the fake links in the first place…hmmm i will continue to giggle


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3 responses to “clappingtrees doesn’t want any more links…

  1. Hi, Andrew. Thanks for expressing your frank opinion here.

    As I’ve explained in Links on Comments Here “DoFollow”: “I truly hope to encourage more meaningful discussions on my posts and at the same time reward commentators with links to their sites (and so help them improve their Google PageRank).”

    “NoFollow” was started by Google because of spam. I started using DoFollow because I thought that we’ve got spam under control through spam filters. However, I forgot that there are other more subtle forms of spam — e.g. useless / meaningless one-liners.”

    Being linked via D-Lists like the ones I mentioned has meant that I’m getting more visitors who drop in to put in yet another meaningless one-liner. I’ve no wish to contribute to this subtle pollution of information on the Web.

    I truly hope you and others can understand this line of reasoning.

  2. By the way, please note that “DoFollow” is supposed to encourage comments and generate links for commentators. It was not meant to generate links for the user. These D-Lists are new, started only recently.

  3. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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