Singapore’s blogOUT! – it’s all about Community

the digital movement have organised this event following their hugely successful Nexus 2007 event held earlier this year. TDM events and the supportive TDM community is rich with passion and ideas… it is no wonder Singapore is producing some incredible new Web 2.0 applications, social networks, products and services…many of which are receiving local and international media (in all forms) truly supportive coverage. These include; BAK2u, SharedCopy, Velvet Puffin, geek terminal, STOMP, sgentrepreneurs, muvee,,, IconnectE, bookjetty, harro, blurbme and Lion City, Second Life – the list goes on….
If you would like to feel the energy, share in the creativity and passion of this community, register to attend at the TDM wiki

For my international readers do keep an eye on the wiki and if you know of those considering investing in startups do look at what is happening in Singapore, surpises are around every corner.

Back to blogOUT! I am sure one of my favorite topic’s Second Life and Virtual Worlds developments will be vibrantly discussed also …


blogOUT! : Program Details

Date: 24th May, 2007, Thursday – Time: 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm – Venue: The Geek Terminal @ 55, Market Street

Theme: Naked Conversations

We explore how blogs can change the way we define marketing and how they can help organizations create a new way of communicating with customers, and in turn letting them talk back and to each other. Also, we discuss how these new voices, and other emergent forms of technology, like Twitter are allowing the formation of more and more communities!

6:30 pm: Kickstart:

Watch Genie as she comes out of her blog and sings for us live

6.45 pm – 7.30 pm: Panel Discussion – The New Voice for Change

Grab a bite and get to know our featured panelists: Preetam (part of Global Voices), Kevin (Theory.Is The Reason) and Yokeching (Moblog/Uberme), where they engage the audience and discuss together the topics in hand.

7.30 pm – 9.00 pm: blogOUT! Cafe – Encouraging Interaction & Formation of Communities

Based on the concept of The World Cafe ( , blogOUT! Cafe seeks to engage the blogging community in free-flowing round table discussions that will take place simultaneously helping us all to get to know each other better while we share perspectives about issues and topics that matter.

Pick from any of 6 tables/topics of your fancy, nudge some others to join you, and kick-up some issues to talk about. Each table’s facilitator will help decode and summarise the cryptic discussions by twittering about them, or scribbling about them on the paper tablecloth.

Feel free to melt into other table discussions or make your own mould by starting off a topic on any of the free tables.

9.00 pm – 10.00 pm: Summary + Networking

Catch up on what happened on other tables in the room while you were blogging out somewhere … Facilitators will give us the gist of the discussions they witnessed. Relax and have fun with a free-flow of conversations, ideas, and thoughts.


* Twitter – register yourself on Twitter and get connected even if you are elsewhere. A Projector screen will display all BlogOut related twitter messages sent by participants, panelists and facilitators.

* BlogRoll – check out who else is in the room and prepare to snare other bloggers into your community and conversations.

* Vista OS – drop by the 2 stations provided to us and use them for twittering, flickr-ing, blogging, google-ing

* YOU – Most importantly, YOU are the highlight, so make sure you come by and participate all you can!


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2 responses to “Singapore’s blogOUT! – it’s all about Community

  1. il be there! see u fellow bloggers! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the publicity!! 🙂

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