APLINK recommends – Blogger & Podcaster Magazine…itsFree

One of my mates sent me this LINK many of you may have seen this magazine already, but just incase here it is…helpsponsor.jpg

I strongly suugest you give this magazine a look over, alot of work has gone it its production !!!



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3 responses to “APLINK recommends – Blogger & Podcaster Magazine…itsFree

  1. Imran Omar

    Cool, are these magazines easily available in the big bookstores?

  2. hey… something’s wrong with the link…

  3. Blogger & Podcaster is a trade magazine for the industry and for the time being is distributed in 3 ways: Print, digital & podcast. Digital & podcast editions are free, you can subscribe at http://www.bloggerandpodcaster.com. The print edition costs $79 US/$99 Internationally. I hope you like the first edition, please share with me any ideas you have for ways to improve the magazine. I can be reached at lgenkin@larstan.net.

    – Larry
    Blogger & Podcaster Magazine

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