JCPenney is REALLY here…oops

Yesterday in my rush, APLINK posted an incorrect URL for the JCPenney online store…oops, thanks to ClappingTrees 🙂 I have corrected the previous post and today for proof here is JCPenney’s homepage…since the post I have managed to find out that the price listed on the website includes the shipping costs…from the registration page it is clear that JCPenney is targeting ASIA as a whole, so does that mean if I live in China I will pay the same shipping charge as if in Singapore..hmm…also I browsed for some pants, see image and the smallest size they have is… 46… hmm is this an international size cause APLINK isnt that big !


The Sale is still on so Click on the image below and happy Shopping…

….we love that in Singapore!


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One response to “JCPenney is REALLY here…oops

  1. Wow what’s up? How have you been? Long time no talk!

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