Aussie’s in SL now almost 8000…where does the other 5.6mil come from ?

Source: SLOZ

“Meta Linden has provided an update on SL metrics. In the past month, Australia has had significant growth to 2.43% of the overall SL population:

1. As at 31st March there were 3,177,434 unique residents (up half a million on the previous month)
2. Ten percent of that is 317,743. (the ten percent rule is the rough guide on active users)
3. 2.43% of THAT is 7721.

As stated by SLOZ last month, they expected the Telstra and ABC launches to have increased the aussie population significantly and that’s indeed occurred with a jump from 1.48% to 2.43%. The figure of 7721 is probably a little optimistic but the trend for Australians in SL is certainly one of growth. Their prediction for next month is continued growth but at a reduced rate as the BigPond influx gets well past its peak.”

Anyone know the Singapore population in SL ?

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