the ideal social network – sad no more nights in a bar… itsClickable

Thomas Crampton, International Herald Tribune, about the social network as digital friend – from a European point of view.

“The ideal social network should work as a computer-enhanced friend that suggests people you ought to know,” said Lars Hinrichs, the founder of the Xing social network, based in Hamburg. “Networks are filled with people who would be connected to one another if they knew their own common interests.

We are moving towards a project economy where people operate as free agents and have less reliance on companies,” Hinrichs said. “In this environment, networks will become the tool for linking people.

In such an environment, the value of social networks rises over time, Hinrichs added, since their members would be vital for involvement in future projects.

The need to control your Google profile and digital identity will only grow over time,” Hinrichs said. “The value of networks will also increase.”

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