EVENT Second Life: Silicon Island ITE2007 – April 20 – 22 – itsReal


Silicon Island announces International Technology Expo 2007


“Honoring Excellence in SL Technology”

The International Technology Expo (ITE) on Silicon Island is dedicated to showcasing over 40 of the finest business related SL products that either improve RL business operations, or improve a RL company’s access to a target market in SL. Products include Telecommunications, Construction Tools, Web-Based Interactive Linking Systems, Content Management Tools, Marketing & Advertising Systems, and 3rd Party Innovations.

ITE’07 is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative in technology products and services created by its residents for your business and personal needs.”

As well as extensive exhibition halls, to satisfy your Tshirt-grabbing needs, you can expect a full programme of lectures, product launches, demos and discussions. But if you find that thought too earnest and worthy, you might be more interested in the concerts and parties. The programme is not yet finalised but is set to include:

• Friday April 20 noon to 6:00 pm SLT 7:00 PM EXPO CONCERT – John Legend
• Saturday April 21 noon to 6:00 pm SLT 7:00 PM EXPO CONCERT – Black Eyed Peas

Full Agenda Click HERE

Exhibitor List Click HERE

Press Release: ITE 2007

Silicon Island, Second Life, March 1, 2007: Silicon Island is hosting an International Technology Expo 2007 next month honoring excellence in Second Life technology, announced Liam Kanno, founder of the V3 Group. The ITE will be held the weekend of April 20, 21 and 22 from noon until 6 pm PDT each day.

The expo is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative business related products created by SL residents in world and off world for businesses operating in Second Life – telecommunications, construction tools, web-based interactive linking, content management, advertising, and third party innovations.

Liam Kanno, Second Life resident and Silicon Island developer, said that during this special weekend of activities developers such as: Wiz Nordberg will launch his telecommunication product SoundReach; Afalalota Cummings will present the current research findings on The Lag Project; and Jarek Dejavu will demonstrate his AV speech Tool in addition to other vendors, who will offer scheduled presentations on their products and be interviewed on SLBC-Radio.com by Shaft Seattle.

Other presenters included in the 35 plus exhibitors will be from EML Entertainment, KONSTRUKT magazine, Avastar magazine, and SL residents such as Tyken Hightower of K.R. Engineering, Skidz Tweak of Skidz Prims, LukeConnell Vanderverre of the World Stock Exchange, Fallon Winnfield of Secondtalk.com, Hal9k Andalso of Fabjectory.com, Cherub Spectre of PixelTrix, Dalian Hansen and Damek Treiak of SLQuery.com, Andy Enfield of Hippotech, and Axle Castro of Catalyst to name just a few. In addition Klaatu Nu will represent Sun Microsystems.

ITE 2007 is open to everyone and has free admission. Those that are interested in attending, but not yet a Second Life resident one can register for a free membership at http://www.secondlife.com. For additional information about vendor registration or corporate sponsorship please contact event coordinator Kelly Emms in-world.


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