Singapore Contest: HP dangles $70,000 IT Carrot

Hewlett Packard and its partners, StarHub and Symantec this week announced the launch of its inaugural (yes there will be more) HP Total Care Challenge. Singapore Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) are invited to submit their ideas on how technology could be used to enhance their company’s growth

To enter Click Here,

The $70,000 not available in cash, which could be very useful for an SMB, is made up of HP services, products and partner offerings. Applicants need to submit an essay of not more than 400 words (not alot so don’t think a novel is required) by April 30 2007.

The editorial (yes, PR is working for HP) in TODAY newspaper earlier this week, also noted the Singapore Government commitment to SMB owners and urges SMB’s companies to develop and EXPLOIT technology. A $250 million fund has been earmarked to help… in particular technology start-ups.

And still there is more…

Starting on May 4, HP and its partners will be embarking on a Series of TODAY (hmm did I say PR is working for HP, I Think the AD dollars are working instead) … where was I, that’s right…A series of TODAY- HP Total Care Seminars on key issues surrounding IT deployment for businesses. Successful Far East Flora is one of the companies that will be sharing their experiences during the seminars.

Remember if you think you have a winning idea on how technology could be used to enhance your company’s growth, submit it to HP by April 30.



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