Singapore Event: NEXUS 2007 – 24th March – Check out the Awesum Agenda

Below is the Agenda for Nexus 2007 – I am absolutely attending this event, the fee is only $15.00 but look at the lineup.

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Opening Address: Disruption, Opportunity and Innovation

0900 Nathan Torkington, O’Reilly Radar, Perl Foundation Board
Nat Torkington hails from O’Reilly, the very company which coined the term “Web 2.0”. Since 1978, O’Reilly has been a catalyst of cutting-edge development, homing in on technology trends that really matter and in turn spurring their adoptions. Nat is a long time pioneer in the technology space, having chaired the O’Reilly Open Source Convention and other O’Reilly conferences for over a decade. He co-wrote the best-selling Perl Cookbook and was one of the founding O’Reilly Radar bloggers. Few people are as plugged in as he is to the Web and open source community.Given Nat and O’Reilly’s long time track record in spotting disruptive changes in the technological arena and being at the forefront of it all, we have asked Nat to give us a primer on how the technological landscape has changed in the past few years and how innovators can constantly stay on top of it all.

The New Asia Pacific

0930 APAC 2.0: Regional Leaders Discuss Emerging Opportunities in Flat World  
With the rise of Asia, regional technology leaders from Lenovo, Microsoft, Tata and NEC reflect on the changes happening in the flat world, and how they have been helping their enterprises evolve over the past few years to be the best poised to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this new world. With a very diverse and substantial panel, expect a very balanced and eye-opening discussion on emerging opportunities, cross-border collaboration, and their perception of talent across the region!

  • Saw Ken Wye, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Microsoft APAC
    Leading software juggernaut, Microsoft’s Sales and Marketing operations in APAC, Saw Ken Wye is acutely aware of the technology landscape as well as challenges and opportunities in the region.
  • David D. Miller, President, Asia Pacific/Japan & Senior Vice President, Lenovo Group
    Thomas Friedman in his book ‘The world is flat’ refers to Lenovo as one of the new world companies in the flat world. They are a global company with roots just as strong from all parts of the globe, with a Chinese chairman based in Beijing; American President based in the US; and a very diverse and globally dispersed group of senior management.
  • Girija Pande, Regional Head of APAC, Tata Consultancy Services
    As the head of APAC for Asia’s largest IT services firm, Girija is in
    a great position to leverage on India’s strengths for all the other emerging markets in the region. Who better than him to share with us how the rest of Asia, especially us, can capitalize on India’s growth?
  • David Dan, Founder, D Square Transformation Consulting, Former Chairman and CEO, Intel China
    A pioneer in the region, David started up Intel’s Taiwan office by selling 8088s and departed when sales reached a few billion dollars. David lead Intel China at its start-up phase in 1994, laying down the solid foundation for Intel in China. Now a consultant at D Square, David strongly believes that the next generation leaders will be those who embrace the challenges of globalization
  • Moderator: Wilson Tan, Managing Director, NEC Solutions APAC and President, ASOCIO
    Wilson is one of our great advisers, and is very much plugged into the regional technology landscape. Having held senior management positions in leading technology companies like Mercury, Apple and Xerox, Wilson now serves as MD of NEC Solutions Asia Pacific, and President of ASOCIO, an organization that represents IT federations across Asia. He was also the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) person of the year for 2005, and had been a long time advocate of regional collaboration.
1050 Tea Break

Mobile and Online Media Panels

1120 Track 1: Crowdsourcing The Media
With the rise of user generated content, mainstream media powerhouses like CNET and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) are at a stage of experimentation. CNET is increasingly incorporating user contributed content into their site, ranging from increasing the prominence of user contributed tips and comments, to paying bloggers fees for contributions to the CNET blog. SPH, is working on, which is a form of “hyper-local” content, aggregating contribution from the local crowd. Bloggers, of course are the epitome of wisdom of the crowds, and their version of crowdsourcing is trading in the currency of mutual links and comments. We bring together representatives from all sides of the table to discuss the business models and trends arising out of this phenomenon!

  • Kathy Teo, Managing Director, CNET Networks Asia Pacific
    CNET has long been the one of the most influential voices online since the early days of the Internet. While maintaining its status in the Web, it is finding new ways to integrate “expert opinions” with user generated content. What business model does CNET see in this new world?
  • James Seng, Editor, Tomorrow.SG and Partner, Tandem Advisers LLP
    James Seng is one of the Internet pioneers of Singapore and is recognized as an international expert in the Internet arena. James brings to the table his vast experience in founding, which is regarded as one of the barometers of the Singapore blogosphere, his stint in IDA tracking disruptive technologies on the Internet, as well as his experiences as a successful technologist, entrepreneur (TechNet, POBox), and investor!
  • Jennifer Lewis, Editor,, SPH
  • Moderator: Kevin Lim, Educator / Internet Researcher, University at Buffalo (SUNY) and Theory.IsTheReason
Track 2: The Mobile Web Explosion
The long promised mobile web explosion finally looks like it has arrived. More and more functionalities are becoming accessible via the web, while mobile operating systems are evolving towards providing a desktop like experience. In an increasingly complex interweaving of technologies and vendors, we aim to uncover the opportunities in the mobile landscape by providing different lenses to the industry. Get an overview of the regional mobile industry through the eyes of IDC, a look at one of the most popular mobile platform through the eyes of Microsoft Mobile Communications, and a peer into the promise of mobile social networks, through the eyes of Velvet Puffin, a very promising Singaporean mobile startup.

  • Walter Lee, VP, Consulting, SMB/Partnering Research, IDC APAC
    Darius said Walter is one of the most insightful person he knows in the space, and Su Yuen agrees. Heading Consulting and Partnering Research for IDC in APAC, Walter has core expertise in many areas including Mobile convergence, Telecommunications, e-Business and Consumer Marketing, providing you with a holistic outlook of the mobile landscape!
  • Chris Sorensen, Lead Product Manager, Microsoft Asia Pacific & Japan
  • R. Chandrasekar, CEO, Velvet Puffin
  • Moderator: Darius Cheung, Founder, CEO of Tencube

Lunch: Inside Great Companies

1245 Meet up with executives and fresh employees of technology companies leading the next digital wave and gain perspectives on different cultures of innovation. Companies who are sharing

  • Accenture
  • Yahoo!
  • Second Life

More coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Future of the Web

1400 How is the Web Evolving Globally
Andreas Weigend, Former Chief Scientist of
Andreas is one of the world’s top experts on the web. Besides being the chief scientist of, he brings to the table vast global experiences in helping many cutting edge startups like, Technorati, OpenBC achieve success! He has also worked with major companies like World Economic Forum and Swiss International Air Lines to help them adapt to the new opportunities created by the web.Given his experience Web 2.0-izing companies all over the world, and across all types of organizations, we thought it would be great for Andreas to give us a primer on the long tail, and how he sees the web evolving in various parts of the world.
How Long will the Tail Stretch?
The Internet Revolution has transformed the business landscape with unlimited choices and creations of unlimited demands, characterized by the phenomenon of the Long Tail. With the democratization of the internet through blogs, podcasts, social networks and Wikis, the long tail reveals new dynamics about consumers and business models on the internet. The success of the long tail is flashed out from successful companies such as,, iTunes, Yahoo! and Google. In this session, together with industry leaders, we discuss how you can ride on the long tail and create new enterprises that can deliver more value to your customers.

  • Andreas Weigend, Former Chief Scientist of
  • Bobby Napiltonia, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development and Alliances,
    With their bold No Software model fully online Appexchange platform. Salesforce is the company currently revolutionizing the very way software is distributed to and used by companies worldwide. Bobby is the main man behind their mission to bring more and more partners and allies into their revolution!
  • Reza Behnam – MD of Yahoo! South East Asia
  • Derek Callow: Regional Marketing Manager, Google Inc.
    Derek is the regional marketing manager for Google Hong Kong, responsible for marketing across Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia. He will be there to share Google’s vision for the region, and why SEA is a very important part of Google’s outlook.
  • Moderator: Bernard Leong, SG Entrepreneurs & Singapore Angle and NUS Entrepreneurship Center
    Bernard Leong’s competitive advantage is his geeky nature as a scientist, his insights and opinions on citizen journalism as a known social-political and specialist blogger and, finally an entrepreneur, putting technology into a business.
1545 Tea Break

Riding On Change: Global Startup Panel

1615 After discussions with industry leaders on the pervasive trends in the Web, Online Content, Mobile and Globalization, find out how 3 global start-ups with very different products from different regions managed to identify an upcoming wave, act on it and ride it to global success!
Farzad Naimi, CEO, Founder, Litescape
Farzad Naimi has long been a visionary on new forms of technology, and their potential impact on markets. His previous company, Genesys labs, was sold to Alcatel in 1997 for US$1.4 billion, and his current company Litescape, which specializes in VOIP, is hitting phenomenal revenue expansion rates. He will share with us how he is able to constantly read and understand new up and coming trends, and move ahead in creating great enterprises riding on them!
Cory Ondrejka, CTO, Linden Labs (Second Life)
As CTO, Cory Ondrejka leads the team developing “Second Life,” Linden Lab’s award-winning, user-created digital world. His team has created the revolutionary technologies required to enable collaborative, atomistic creation, including distributed physical simulation, 3D streaming, completely customizable avatars and real-time, in-world editors. He also spearheaded the decision to allow users to retain the IP rights to their creations and helped craft Linden’s virtual real estate policy.What was originally termed as a crazy idea evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, creating a virtual ecosystem that is simply amazing in terms of richness and variety. Cory will share with us the journey that he has experienced throughout the ride!
Roberto Mariani, CEO, Founder, XiD Technologies
XiD, founded in Singapore in 2003, is a technology company specialized in face processing technology, and it addresses the security and media markets. As a pioneer in the Interactive Digital Media technology with its latest face replacement technology, making it the winner of the National Infocomm Award 2006, APICTA 2006 and finalist at the World Tech Award 2006, XiD is about to launch worldwide an Interactive Digital Media Internet Portal, opening new growth avenues.
Moderator: Kae Fong Tay
Kae Fong is a brand strategy consultant with FutureBrand, helping companies differentiate from competitors and drive consumer preference by optimizing their brands. Prior to FutureBrand, Kae Fong was a management consultant with Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy and Operations practice.

End of Day…

1800 Get Dinner at nearby Lau Pa Sat or Raffles Place, and come back for some drinks, networking, and some fun!

Chilling Out

We are holding community gatherings during this session. If you have a group that you think would be interested in Nexus, and

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