Dean Koontz and other Authors heading to SecondLife to promote their BOOKS and meet interested avatar’s – itSreal

Bantam Dell in SL

It looks like the Electric Sheep Company are getting ready to bring authors from Random House’s Bantam Dell imprint to the virtual world of Second Life.

Check out Sheep Island, where a Bantam Dell building just outside Sheep Tower.

The inside is all set up for what looks like a reading or Q&A, the featured author being best-selling thriller writer Dean Koontz. While this could just be a test build, the Bantam Dell logo is slapped all over everything, and the place looks ready for a bunch of literary-minded avatars to show up and pelt Koontz with questions.

There’s also a movie screen in one corner running promos for Bantam Dell authors, including one for Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence, The New Science of Human Relationships. But no word yet on when events might actually start up there. This is a great way to bring books into Second Life. Actually reading things in Second Life is incredibly frustrating and not at all worth the effort, but bringing authors in to do talks, interviews or Q&As could be perfect.

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