SINGAPORE: BNI Big Breakfasts International Networking Week

BNI Big Breakfasts International Networking Week

BNI is pleased to announce the launch of International Networking Week™ during 5th – 9th Feb 2007.

6th Feb 2007 Tuesday, 7.30am
BNI Big Breakfast @ Hill Street
BNI Big Breakfast @ Queen’s Street
BNI Big Breakfast @ Peninsula.Excelsior Hotel 5 Coleman Street
BNI Big Breakfast @ Havelock Road

International Networking Week ™ is an intitiative of BNI ! International Networking Week™ will feature a number of networking events across the world!

The goal of International Networking Week™ is to celebrate the key role that networking plays in the development and success of businesses across the world.

Simultaneous events will be held globally to celebrate International Networking Week™. The focus of these events will be to bring together representatives of government, businesses and the community to network with each other, to understand the concept of good networking and to listen to talks by key networking specialists from across the world. These speakers will offer advice and information on how businesses can grow and succeed through good networking practices.

Invitations to attend are open to the wider business community, members of other networking organisations, students, press representatives and interested parties from all levels of government and business. The purpose of International Networking Week™ is to raise the profile of networking in the wider community, recognising it as an essential tool for success in today’s business climate.

Your networking group is invited to participate! Email


For event Sponsorship, contact BNI National Office +65 64400343.

INW 2007

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