Saddam’s death used by Nazi’s on Youtube – itSreal

Its a New Year and even with Saddam’s hanging being so shocking and visually made available over the Internet, I was even more shocked by viewing a Saddam video which actually had nothing to do with Saddam, it is however a video of an african american saying all whites should be killed, if this is not enough to chill your spine, it is not the real message being sent to the masses, the reality is at the end of the video. A website is listed and on visiting, it is a Nazi site, alive and well in 2007. I know this entry is a far cry from my secondlife passions or technology, it is however my statement that with bombs going off in Bangkok, the earthquake that created internet havoc in Asia, and the death of Saddam, there is more sinister potentials on the horizon which many of us may have absolutely no control over, let me jump back into secondlife at TELEPORT speed. itSreal


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2 responses to “Saddam’s death used by Nazi’s on Youtube – itSreal

  1. I remember seeing this person with the new orleans commities and such. The next guy who took the podium was a bit shocked at what this guy just said. I think every group, organization, culture and what not has there extreamists.

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