IIAS will launch Singapore’s first Portal solely set up for the PROTECTION of Singaporean Children when they are using the INTERNET

The Internet Industry Association of Singapore (IIAS) has launched today an online child safety portal for Singaporeans to provide guidance and information for children using the Internet safely.

The objective of this portal is to educate Children, Parents, Teachers and Carers on the potential threats that children can be exposed to on the world-wide-web. Some features of the portal would include: safe surfing tips, proper netiquette, parents’ tips, computer protection advice as well the latest news and events.

The public can visit http://www.iias.com.sg from today. The content and support for the portal is being provided by members of IIAS. Founding member Genovate Solutions will be spearheading content development as well as technical support for the portal.

To coincide with this launch, SurfControl, a founding member of IIAS, are offering a free 3 month subscription to Cyber Patrol, the award-winning software which helps protect children online. This limited time offer is only available in Singapore. Cyber Patrol helps parents safeguard their children online, by preventing access to dangerous sites, tracking time spent online and governing online chat.

According to news reports, up to 20,000 children appear on pornographic images daily and there are now more than 100,000 child pornographic websites on the Internet. In Singapore, a survey done by The Parents Advisory Group for the Internet (PAGi) now known as Community Advisory Committee (CAC), some of the key findings include:

– Children between 13 and 15 years old are least concerned about Internet dangers.
– Both parents and children have similar concerns about getting pornographic materials, obtaining misinformation, meeting sexual predators and Internet addiction.
– Both parents and children favour educational strategies compared to control measures.

“The Internet Industry Association of Singapore has created this web site for children, parents, teachers and carers as a guide to online safety. The Internet is an integral part of the modern world, but there are those who seek to exploit it, and harm our children. With this web site, we want to empower parents and teachers as Internet traffic policemen: guiding children safely along the Information Superhighway.” says Mr. Mark Trudinger, Vice President Asia SurfControl and founding Vice Chairman of IIAS.

The survey results have also shown that there is a lot more that can be done to raise the awareness level of online safety in Singapore. This portal is targeted at teachers, parents and children who are already familiar with the Internet and would like to gain more in-depth knowledge of potential dangers of the Internet such as pornography, chat and online games, as well as filtering tools.

“Parents play a pivotal role in ensuring child safety on the Internet. Through this portal, we hope that parents will be better equipped to meet the role of a ‘cyberparent’. Other initiatives that the IIAS will be embarking on include conducting of Online Safety Workshops for parents to ensure that safe surfing habits are inculcated in their children when they are young in order for them to be aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls of online content and contact” says Mr. J Anton Ravindran, CEO and co-founder of Genovate Solutions. Mr. Ravindran is also the founding Chairman of the IIAS.

If any members of the public have any content they would like to submit, please contact Andrew Peters, IIAS Secretariat at secretariat@iias.com.sg

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